Monday, August 10, 2009

Gathering up the Fragments

Seven days ago, I traveled to Kenya for the beginning of a six month sabbatical in Nairobi. I have debated and wrestled with the idea of keeping a blog for several months now, and have finally succumbed -- the deciding factor perhaps best represented by the following idea from Elizabeth Elliot: An aspiration to gather up the fragments that remain.

So much has happened in this first week that I've realized it would be nearly impossible to recount everything upon my return. Every Boabab flower, Kiliguni sunset, glass of chai, bite of chapati, word spoken, hand shook, tear dropped, and smile shared has left a profound impression on me, and I hope to document these so that, if for nothing else, I can remember them more completely as time progresses.

And although I trust that my inadequate words and highly pixelated camera phone pictures will fail miserably at documenting these amazing memories, it's my hope that they might provide even a computer screen-sized window into what is going on here in the beautiful land of Kenya.


  1. Look who is a Blogger!!!!! woot woot woot!
    i miss you my friend so much!
    but stoked for you cause i know how much you want to be there!

  2. this is crazy, our one family, three countries, God is beyond my comprehension

  3. I can't wait till the day that I get to share the beauty of Kenya with you in person.

  4. "We don't even understand the domino effect that we [can] set off....the labor and the assignment are not just for us" (Pastor Mike). Keep the blog entries coming dude.